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  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery EVPath


    EVPath is a Visible, non-slip roll-out polyester Pedestrian Evacuation Mat. It is an efficient way to set up a firm temporary walkway at the bottom of evacuation slides or underneath aircraft wings to enhance access by passengers, Rescue and Firefighting Services.

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  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Quick Access


    Enhance your Emergency Response Capability with the Mobi-Mat® Quick-Access designed to access and tow disabled aircrafts in the most critical ground conditions.

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    Trailer Dispenser™

    You can build quick and safe temporary roadways with a Trailer Dispenser™ designed to easily carry, deploy and recover 13.8’ wide x 164’ long (4.20 m x 50 m long) rolls of matting in minutes.

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    Flatrack Dispenser™

    The flatrack-mounted roadway dispenser STANAG2413, autonomous  and removable, is the ideal tool to deploy your Quick Access™ temporary roadway type MM3V25 4.20 m wide x 100 m long in less than 10 minutes.

  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Front End Loader Dispenser

    FLR Dispenser™

    If you are equipped with a Front-End Loader, then the Front End Loader Roadway Dispenser™ (FLRD™) is the tool to deploy the Mobi-Mat® and build a 13.8’ wide x 328’ long (4.20 m x 100 m long) of MM3 temporary roadway.


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  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Cushions


    The DARC™, is a pneumatic lifting system. It is made of inflatable and independent chambers in heavy duty synthetic rubber. DARC™, which is manufactured according to the hot vulcanization process, is made to lift disabled aircrafts.

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  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Cushions Base

    DARC Base™

    HOW TO INCREASE THE LIFTING HEIGHT rapidly, safely, efficiently in emergency recovery situation ? The DARC Base™ Inflatable Cribbing System is the solution.
    The DARC Base™ is registered as IATA supplementary kit No 52-A.

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  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Spreader bar


    The 12t, 24t and 70t Deschamps spreader bars (DSB) have been made to meet high requirements of aircraft recovery by using high quality raw materials.

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    Your recovery will be smoother with IRS (Intelligent Recovery System). IRS is an interaction between the pressure-sensitive sensors inside the Sensor Mat and other load measurement devices which enables you to control and to record the recovery operation.


  • Mobi-Mat Aircraft Recovery Training


    As a full-service and solution provider on aircraft recovery services, the company Deschamps is operating and managing an AIRCRAFT RECOVERY TRAINING & COMPETENCE CENTER at London-Stansted Airport.

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